Thursday, 26 May 2016

Three 'Left Field' talks now confirmed for July 2016. At the South Bank Centre on 2 July with Gillian Slovo, Amir Amirani and Haifa Zangana. At WOMAD music festival on 31 July as part of their 'Global Voices' session. Also 21 July at Five Leaves Bookshop, Nottingham. 
And on 18 June 'Left Field' launch at the Pavarotti Music Centre, with Mostar Rock School performing with guest artists.

This just published in Counterpunch

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Left Field on film

further films to follow shortly (with Amir Amirani and music from Eugene Skeef, Deicola Neves, Vanessa Lucas-Smith, Peter Wilson)

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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Tractors and slugs

First break for months from Left Field and have taken to the Mid-Wales hills where I have been staying on the smallholding of my friend Shade Majekodunmi. We have known each other since our time working at the Stop the War Coalition. Shade was an early supporter of my memoir so I thanked her by doing a day's work on her tractor! Her brother Desmond Majekodunmi is a leading Nigerian environmentalist and she is almost there as a 'Green' farmer. Those slug pellets have to go! Here is a great interview with Desmond

Friday, 13 May 2016

The Cherokee and Left Field

Two days ago, my wife Anne Aylor and I went to the screening of 'Hidden Histories - Discovering Indigenous London' at Kings College. It is a project of the world theatre group, Border Crossings, as part of their Origins Festival. The artistic director, Michael Walling, is an old friend of ours and directed my first play in 1989. Anne had been interviewed as part of the film. It may seem surprising for those who know her to find out that she is part Cherokee – she calls herself a homeopathic Indian. On her mother's side her great grandmother was full-blooded. Her father was dark-eyed, relatively hairless, and looked like Elvis Presley. Did you know that Elvis, too, was part Cherokee? And did you know they called themselves the Aniyunwiya and that their pronounciation of Cherokee is Tslagi. They are part of the Southern Iroquois nation. Members of the northern tribe built the Empire State Building. The southern Iroquois were the only First Nation people to have an alphabet. Enough of interesting details. The important fact is that 'Left Field' would never have been written without my homeopathic Tslagi partner who, as an award-winning writer, follows in the literary tradition of her ancestors.

Anne Aylor interview with 'Origins: Heritage of First Nations

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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Julie Christie and Brian Eno's legs at Downing Street

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Kieran Conlon's film of the 'Left Field' Waterstones launch is now in production. Talks, music and interviews. These include ex-ambassador and whistleblower Craig Murray with whom I share that experience, film director Amir Amirani, (Director of "We are Many") who will be speaking alongside me in July at the South Bank Centre and at WOMAD and of course musicians Eugene SkeefVanessa Lucas-SmithDeicola Neves and Peter Wilson. As you will see, what an amazing performance they gave. Craig Murray 'brought the house down' with his Julie Christie/Brian Eno leg story and there is a great interview with Tiffany Drake, who I hadn't met for 20 years and 4 kids later. Adele Drake went home and sent me this sad and astonishing photo of Mostar. I am very moved by the number of emails and text messages I'm receiving from those of you already enjoying the book.

"I am so elated to have read Left Field. I feel like a child at the fountain of narratives. David Wilson is truly one of the greatest storytellers I have ever met or read. For me he is right up there with Alice Walker, Ngugi wa Thiong’o, Mandla Langa and Ariel Dorfman (Writing The Deep South) in his ability to enchant the reader while telling about harrowing and politically charged life experiences." Eugene Skeef

Left Field: THE FILM

This is the collage image used for 'Left Field' by Waterstones

Friday, 6 May 2016

Craig Murray, ex-ambassador and whistleblower

Ex-Ambassador Craig Murray, ('Vauntie Cybernat, Former Ambassador, Human Rights Activist')  spoke at the Waterstones launch of 'Left Field' – we share the experience of being whistleblowers . Here is an excerpt from my book.
"I am often asked whether the War Child saga has left its scars. Of course it has, but I know there is a law applying to whistleblowers that requires a formula. It goes like this. The whistleblower discovers wrongdoing in an organisation. He/she is faced with ostracism, claims that they are ill and need to rest. If that tactic isn’t successful, they are informed they should retire and when that is not possible, sacked. The wrongdoers will then hide behind conventions and legalities to prevent information leaks. Finally, the whistleblower will achieve minor reforms, the wrongdoers will be exposed, but it will be too late. The wrong has been done, the wronged have been sacked, and the wrongdoers have quietly manoeuvred themselves back into positions of influence." I only managed to get exposure because I had powerful people Like Pavarotti and Brian Eno behind me, the front page of the Guardian and the lead story on Channel 4 News."  Left Field is available from Waterstones and on Amazon.  More about the book at

Left Field - 'a study of humanity'