Thursday 27 May 2021

Dylin is more important than you


What has been more important to the Johnson government than protecting people's lives? Obsessing over bombing the Middle East, Dylin the dog, getting out on the ski slopes, privatising the NHS and enriching mates 

Monday 17 May 2021

Am I surprised?


President of Croatia (2015-2020) Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic visited Bleiburg, Austria in 2019, for the annual commemoration of the Ustashe, the soldiers and civilians from the pro-Nazi Independent State of Croatia, that were killed by Yugoslav partisans in the aftermath of WWII.

Rudolf Edlinger, president of the Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance, described it as “the biggest annual neo-fascist reunion in Europe." He said that the event glorified the Croatian Nazi-collaborationist regime.

In the same year, and on her third visit to Israel as President, Grabar-Kitarovic described her country as being “a strong and supportive ally of Israel”. For his part, Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu declared that "Croatia has supported Israel and will continue to do so in the future." They then signed trade and security (military) agreements.

Grabar-Kitarovic's visits followed those of far-right Hungarian Prime Minister, Victor Orbán, who called Hungary’s Nazi World War II leader Miklós Horthy an "exceptional statesman". Netanyahu greeted him as “a true friend of Israel”.

So this road sign (the Croatian and Israeli flags) does not surprise me, nor do the war crimes presently being committed by Israel.


Wednesday 12 May 2021

Under cover of covid


In announcing a Covid public public enquiry, Boris Johnson said, “This process will place the state’s actions under the microscope”.

Will the microscope expose the galloping privatisation of the NHS and £billions in corrupt profiteering taking place under the cover of Covid?

A friend of mine posted this shocking statement on the same day as Johnson’s announcement

I despair, I really do. For the past decade I've watched the Tories systematically demolish the services & support available to me to manage a condition that is literally rotting my lungs away. It's the fucking Tories' relentless attack on the NHS that has brought it to it's knees, not fucking Covid 19. I, like hundreds of thousands, if not millions of other British citizens suffering from chronic, incurable conditions will be uninsurable and condemned to die, many of us slowly and in a great deal of pain. And our lying, complicit media are more than happy to just lie down with the dogs, propagate the lies and gaslight the rest of the country.

Sunday 9 May 2021

staying home is not a surge


At the 2017 General election the Tories got 14,319 votes in Hartlepool. In 2021 they got 15,529 votes.

At the 2017 General election Labour got 21,969 votes in Hartlepool. In 2021 they got 8,589 votes.

This is not a Tory surge. It is a Labour ‘stay at home’ surge. Saudi Arabia admirer, Paul Williams, the Labour candidate, was ‘parachuted’ into the constituency by Starmer on the advice of his adviser, Jenny Chapman. He was commissioner of a report that supported the removal of critical care services in the city.

In the Welsh Senedd and in Preston, for example, where Labour put forward progressive and socialist policies closer to Jeremy Corbyn’s 2017 and 2019 manifestos, with nothing conceded to Starmer and his ‘coterie’, there were election successes in the local elections.

Just saying

Tuesday 4 May 2021

Truth is not a crime



You can watch Brian Eno introducing writers defending Julian Assange. He has been confined for eleven years and held today in Belmarsh prison, awaiting possible extradition from the UK to the USA. His 'crime'? Exposing war crimes.

Jan Woolf (at 11:38) introduces the clip of Reuters journalists filming the killing of civilians on a Baghdad street from a US gunship. We hear voices… “Nice ...look at that … right through the windscreen … they got a wounded kid in there … their fault for bringing their kids into battle.”

In Jan’s words, “As we creep out of our Covidian layers, liars claim the truth and your suffering continues. They're making an example of you Julian … In freeing you they would be freeing the truth.”

Monday 3 May 2021

'Left Field' on water



My memoir, Left Field,  is still on sale at Waterstones and other bookshops and available as an ebook and audible. And now online for free. But I am very happy to see it on sale at ‘Word on the Water’, the 100 year old Dutch barge on the Regent’s Canal close by King’s Place.

"Word on the Water is kind of charming. I think a lot of people see this place as a kind of secular church. Less than 50% of people in the UK profess a religious belief, but I’ve seen people come here and cry when they walk in. It’s something about bringing people together where there’s music and culture and beautiful words; a place where, for whatever reason, people just quietly agree they’re going to be nice to each other. And people see that in almost holy terms—a place in the heart of London that’s not all about money." Paddy Screech, co-founder Word on the Water


The book barge offer classics, cult, contemporary fiction, a large range of children's books and art and photography, plus some quirky stuff that you would never think to look for but may be very pleased to find. Also a wood-burning stove, poetry slams, readings, book launches and live acoustic music on the roof stage including a free monthly Jazz/Poetry show. Oh and a parrot.




   Word on the Water, York Way, Granary Square, London N1C 4AA