Wednesday 25 January 2023

My World Café - excerpts


Chapter 1: LIVER & BACON: The first recorded reference to liver nd bacon appears in an 18th Century trial record. In June 1735 a clergyman was robbed in London’s Chelsea, and William Wreathcock was charged with involvement. He had been practising as an attorney for highwaymen, but was not averse to more direct involvement in their activities. He claimed that on the evening of the crime he ha been on the other side of town eating liver and bacon at the King’s Head in the City.


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Monday 23 January 2023

Ukraine -Inappropriate and Offensive information


When the Ukrainian leader spoke to US banks and corporations he thanked Black Rock, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Elon Musk and said, “by buying up Ukrainian assets, you are defending freedom and property.” He then thanked the leadership of the USA which has “consolidated the world in defence of freedom,” and shown us “how to win this battle.” (We now see what this 'battle' involves with Seymour Hersch's recent article on the blowing up of the Nord Stream pipelines).

The CEO of General Dynamics, who manufacture the Abrams tanks about to be sent to this ‘freedom battle’ is on a $23 m salary, while other ‘defence’ contractors bidding to defend ‘freedom and property’ include Raytheon whose CEO receives a salary of $21 million, Boeing whose boss gets $19 million, and Lockheed Martin whose CEO gets a paltry $18 million.

Meanwhile Zelensky has banned left parties and restricted trade union rights. As a billionaire oligarch, he owns properties in London and Washington DC.

It’s important to stress, as so many of us had to do when we opposed the US / NATO occupation of Iraq, that we are not Putin supporters as we were not Saddam Hussein supporters. Many of those clamouring aboard the tanks – well at a safe distance – are Tony Blair who supported Putin’s rise to power, Peter Mandelson who takes vacations on Putin oligarch yachts, and Rishi Sunak and ministers in his government who have pocketed Russian oligarch money.

The war in Ukraine did not start with a Russian invasion in 2018, but four years earlier in April 2014 when Ukrainian forces attacked the Eastern, Russian-speaking province of Donbas. These forces included the Nazis of the Azov regiment.

Meanwhile back in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv a street has been named after Ivan Pavlenko, a Nazi collaborator who led a Ukrainian unit involved in the killing of tens of thousands of Jews. Another Kyiv street has been named after Nil Khasevich, who was involved in mass killings of Poles during World War II.

Here in the UK, Ukrainian refugees are welcomed at UK airports with free rail tickets while those fleeing the direct or indirect actions of earlier ‘freedom battles’ are allowed to drown at sea. If their children go missing the parents are blamed for placing them in danger.

This film made by Global Research has been ruled to be offensive.

 "The following content has been identified by the You Tube Community as innapropriate or offensive to some audiences." This is followed by ... "Understand and wish to proceed'.

Understand and proceed with this video made by Global Rsearch and ask yourself what is offensive and inappropriate about it? And who are the 'some audiences'?