Sunday 21 February 2021

pigeon prejudice


Jeremy Corbyn was constantly asked by the Press when he was going to resign. Some of the reasons given for the necessity of his departure included that he was looking forward to a 'humanity destroying asteroid’, rode a ‘Chairman-Mao' bike and attacked 'pigeon prejudice’. Most serious of all, that he was a racist and antisemite.

A Cabinet Minister dishes out £billions of PPE and other Covid-related monies to his chums, the High Court rules the government broke the law and the Press lead on how sad the Queen is about Prince Harry and Meghan

Here is a photo of an asteroid, a Mao bike, a pigeon and an anti-semite.



Tuesday 2 February 2021

Rat catchers as health providers


It is a matter of great relief that the Covid-vaccine programme is being carried out effectively and efficiently. As a ‘most at risk’ person, `and, after receiving my first ‘shot’, I can vouch for this.

That is because the programme is in the capable hands of the NHS and rat-catchers and bankrupts are nowhere near the vaccine-operating centres.

The British Medical Journal has declared that, “The coronavirus pandemic has unleashed state corruption on a grand scale that is harmful to public health,” with £billions of Covid-related contracts given to companies run by friends or associates of politicians in the Tory government.

Worst of all, many were given to companies without any expertise in medical equipment, provision or practise or who were insolvent or close to being so. Here are a few, in alphabetical order:


AYANDA CAPITAL, specialists in currency trading, offshore property, private equity and trade, awarded £252 million. 

CLANDEBOYES AGENCIES, a confectionary products company, awarded £108 million. 


CLIPPER LOGISTICS, a logistics company servicing retailers in fashion, tobacco, alcohol and other high-value goods, awarded £1 million. 


FACULTY, a technology company contracted to Donald Trump, Vote Leave, Nigel Farrage and Cambridge Analytics, awarded £500,000.

HANBURY STRATEGY, providing political insight and analysis and communications strategies, awarded £900,000. 

MELLER DESIGNS, suppliers of women and men’s accessories, homeware and beauty products, awarded £148 million.

PA CONSULTANCY SERVICES LTD, a management consultancy company, awarded £156 million.

PEST FIX, a rodent infestation company, awarded £110 million.

PUBLIC FIRST, “we help organisations understand and influence public opinion”, awarded £840,000.

TOPHAM GUERIN, a creative and digital agency, awarded £3 million.

UNISERVE, a trade management provider, awarded £186 million.

UNISPACE, interior design company, awarded £239 million,

And these are for special mention ..

CRISP WEBSITES, website designers with £18K in the bank, awarded £108 million.

TAEG ENERGY, with NO recorded infomation, awarded £43.8 million.

VENTURES LTD, an insolvent company, awarded £49 million.