Friday 20 February 2015

Left Field is launched.

For those of you wondering what's been happening to me—I have, with support from the publisher Unbound—been polishing a memoir. When I started it ten years ago, it was for the attic, maybe for my children and grandchildren. Friends who read it were curious to know more about my time as a gaucho, my almost-art crime in Prague, my father's war experiences in Germany (in liberating Bergen-Belsen) and my own in war-torn Bosnia. They wanted to know more about how I came to the attention of MI5 as a teenager and why my political activism continued to inform my life. Why I was invited to dinner with Nelson Mandela and how Brian Eno and Luciano Pavarotti became patrons of a charity I co-founded. Check the film here and read more 
A memoir from the co-founder of the charity War Child

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