Sunday 29 March 2015

Spitting into the Sky

Comments on my Dylan Thomas play, performed at a professional reading at the DT Festival in 2004

John Yorke, Head of Drama, BBC TV
A powerful and beautifully written piece of theatre, and I have to say that your mastery of language isn't far off Thomas' himself. I thought you did an excellent job of interweaving between the man himself and the world of the plays and the poems, and adding the Marx Brothers into the brew lent a wonderfully surreal tone.

Terry Johnson, Director 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest' & playwright: 
I read ‘Spitting Into the Sky’ and I loved its imaginative spiralling. I loved the setting and the theatrical gifts it allows you to indulge. I love the idea of the Marx Brothers taking us through the play: I think the language is grand, and worthy of the man. I think it's very good.

Stephen Hearst, Former Controller BBC radio 3
It brings Dylan Thomas to life, warts and all, particularly his relationship to Caitlin. The word plays are good and true. A very original piece of work.. 

(drawing of Dylan Thomas by my friend Mervyn Levy. He was a childhood friend of the poet and, had he lived, we would have written this play together)

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