Friday 6 May 2016

Craig Murray, ex-ambassador and whistleblower

Ex-Ambassador Craig Murray, ('Vauntie Cybernat, Former Ambassador, Human Rights Activist')  spoke at the Waterstones launch of 'Left Field' – we share the experience of being whistleblowers . Here is an excerpt from my book.
"I am often asked whether the War Child saga has left its scars. Of course it has, but I know there is a law applying to whistleblowers that requires a formula. It goes like this. The whistleblower discovers wrongdoing in an organisation. He/she is faced with ostracism, claims that they are ill and need to rest. If that tactic isn’t successful, they are informed they should retire and when that is not possible, sacked. The wrongdoers will then hide behind conventions and legalities to prevent information leaks. Finally, the whistleblower will achieve minor reforms, the wrongdoers will be exposed, but it will be too late. The wrong has been done, the wronged have been sacked, and the wrongdoers have quietly manoeuvred themselves back into positions of influence." I only managed to get exposure because I had powerful people Like Pavarotti and Brian Eno behind me, the front page of the Guardian and the lead story on Channel 4 News."  Left Field is available from Waterstones and on Amazon.  More about the book at

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