Friday 15 September 2017

Left Field - more comments

MUNDHER ADHAMI: “A brilliant achievement. The cover, the quotes, the dedication, the arrangement and titles of chapters. The language of novels.


PROF SEBASTIAN BALFOUR: (LSE) “A vivid account of a life fought for justice, full of indignation and tenderness. “

MANUELA BESTE: "I found Left Field intriguing, moving, thought-provoking and instructive."

BECCA BLAND: (Founder of Stand Alone) “This guy has a no bulls*** approach to life and has the strength to live by his beliefs!”

SUE BROCK: (TV Producer) “There are parts of these unique memoirs that are akin to opening the door to episodes and aspects of history that society chooses to forget.

MATHEW CLAYTON (Head of Publishing at Unbound) “Powerful reading for David's ability to distill character and dramatic moments from his own past.”

EILEEN DAVIES: Wilson's memoir takes us on adventures through the decades and across borders. We share his sadnesss and happiness ...expressed with directness and honesty.

STEVE DAY: “History, celebrity, scandal, war and humour - Left Field is a personal report worth reading.”


TIFFANY DRAKE: “David's book can show us what can be hopeful and healing.”


HATTIE EDMONDS:  "Made me feel that anything is possible - with passion and drive and a bit of anarchy."

DARLA ENO: “Left Field is an inspiring read which will motivate anyone who wants to see change.”

ALAISTAIR FRASER: "A fascinating life journey account - warts and all - of an amazing person who has enriched all our lives with his dedication and commitment."


MELANIE FRIESEN: (Dir Vancouver Intern Film Festival) “I love the quotations that open some of the chapters … Also how many books have notes at the back that are just as interesting as the text?”


HARRY HARRIS: "I am the man who sat next to you on the tube and asked you what you were reading … We had a brief chat about Corbyn …. just wanted to let you know that I love the book. Thank you. You are an inspiring man."  

ALASTAIR HATCHET: “David Wilson is obviously a lifelong incorrigible optimist.”

DAVID HENCKE: (Investigative journalist) “The work of a determined guy who is prepared to expose fraud and injustice wherever he finds it.”


TAWNEE HILL: “Left Field is about humanity; everything he writes is from his heart. People like David need to be recognised and paid attention to. He has an incredible sense of justice, peace and hope, and that is a message the world needs today.”

RICHARD HORTON: (Editor of The Lancet) “You write absolutely beautifully. Thank you for your wonderful book.”

"Raw and compelling; a story well told of a vital and varied life."

MANDLA LANGA: (Winner of 2009 Commonwealth Writers Prize) "David Wilson is a national treasure."

MAUREEN LARKIN: Interlaced with humour, anecdotes and with a sense of irony, even in the most destructive of situations.”

ROGER LEVY: “David is a man who lies behind a lot of contemporary events and he is an interesting part of those events."

SHADE MAJEKODUNMI: "Fantastic. Love it. The early childhood stories remind me so much of my own childhood … and of course I too became an activist."

ORHAN MASLO (OHA): “David steered me to who I am and what I do today. Thank you David."


RUSSELL MILLS: (Artist, record and book cover designer) “You’ve done so much, achieved so much, that is for the good, the right, the just.”

ELVEDIN NEZIROVIC: (Director Pavarotti Music Centre) “Thank you for everything you've done for my city and for my generation of people here.”

GRAINNE PALMER: (Founder of Drawing Down The Moon) “I couldn't put it down. It's also a page-turner peppered with passion, wit and human interest. Elegantly written too."

HEKATE PAPADAKI: “They say life is stranger than fiction and when it comes to David Wilson's life, that's definitely the case.”

DEBBI READ: “This memoir is a compelling read: the history of one man, lost battles and one war. If this doesn't inspire you nothing will."

REALTA FILMS: "A very personal account of an amazing life, and an insider perspective on the big political issues of the modern era. Enjoyed it very much indeed."

PROF TOM SANDLUND: (Helsinki University) “You see things happening through the eyes of a very intelligent person and you get a grasp of how bad things have been for many people.”

EUGENE SKEEF: “I am so elated to have read Left Field. I feel like a child at the fountain of narratives.”

SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST: "The memoirs of War Child whistleblower David Wilson are a quiet triumph."

TABITHA TROUGHTON: “Fascinating, heart-breaking, inspirational and memorably warm and kind.”

MICHAEL WALLING: (Artistic Director of Border Crossings) “Left Field is fantastic. So much I don’t know about someone I know well and so much vivid colour around the bits I did know well.”

ALEXANDER WATT: "David Wilson's memoirs are out of the ordinary, to say the least … his endeavours are at once inspiring and fantastic … Furthermore - it's a WONDERFUL read!"

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