Sunday 17 January 2021

A Shot of Reality



Yesterday I received my first Pfizer Covid vaccine jab at a Primary Care Clinic in North London. There was a long queue in the street of many elderly and disabled people.

There were a number of volunteers there to give us information on what to expect and why we had to wait. While standing outside with my stick, more than one volunteer asked me if they could get me a chair. I told them that although there was a long wait, I was able to stand.

Inside the clinic things moved quickly and efficiently. Before I sat down in the waiting area the chair was scrubbed. The clinic staff were very young and the woman who gave me my vaccine was a pharmacy student. We were then given a stop watch to ensure we stayed on for 15 minutes and had no after-effects.

When I got home I found this on the NHS website: “The response of current NHS staff and those who have come forward to help out – whether the tens of thousands of former staff and students, or the hundreds of thousands of volunteers – has been nothing short of inspirational, and played a major role throughout the pandemic.”

Yes Indeed, and a much bigger role than the billionaire beneficiaries of the Covid pandemic. Yesterday was a shot of reality. The world is divided into those who have used this crisis to buy this house and those who prefer to offer you a chair.