Saturday 6 March 2021

Nurses - forget the patients, catch the rats


Nurses to be 'awarded' a 1% wage increase. With the average nurses annual salary at £33,000 that is £27 a month or £6 a week increase.

Health Minister, Matt Hancock says this 1% increase is "what we think is affordable given the financial pressures caused by the Covid pandemic.”

He is right because he and his government have handed out £25 billion in Covid contracts to friendly pub landlords and rat catchers. For example Pest Fix, a rodent infestation company, were awarded £110 million.

Over one year that works out at £9 million per month or £2 million per week.

Nurses - forget your patients and start catching rats.

The coronavirus pandemic has unleashed state corruption on a grand scale that is harmful to public health.” The British Medical Journal