Wednesday 20 July 2022

Letter to Jeremy Corbyn


Dear Jeremy,

You have said that, “My election as leader in 2015 was a major shock in British politics. It wasn’t about me, but a popular demand for anti-austerity politics following the 2008 financial crisis and 35 years of market fundamentalism.”

Yes Jeremy, and I was one of the many who joined the Labour Party to support you. You had seized the spirit of the time and were toppled from the leadership by a ghoulish gang of back-stabbers, ably supported by the media, from the BBC to The Guardian.

The much delayed Forde Report lays this out in detail.

- The secret diversion of campaign funds by senior HQ staff in the 2017 election to right-wing candidates.
- The purge of socialist party members.
- The rigging of internal votes.
- A ‘hierarchy of racism and discrimination’.
- Disgusting accusations of anti-semitism against you which resulted in the expulsion, not of anti-semites, but of many Jewish members.

You rightly conclude that, “this report should help us see a path forward. The politics of the many, not the few, are more needed in this country than ever. We suffer a cost of living scandal while billionaire wealth soars and climate breakdown accelerates while fossil fuel companies boast record profits.”

They tried to break you, but they failed. You have personal strength and the knowledge that you speak for the many. You have rightly invoked the. words of Percy Bysshe Shelley for your, and our, inspiration,

Rise like lions after slumber
In unfathomable number
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep have fallen on you –
Ye are many, they are few.