Thursday 27 April 2023

19 May: David Wilson in conversation with Jan Woolf

My World Café by David Wilson with illustrations by Laura Davis

@ Bookmarks Bookshop, 6.30 pm Friday 19 May 2023

David in conversation with Jan Woolf on how they met when working
on arts-based projects at Stop the War Coalition. Jan went on to
paint, write books and stage her play, 'Blood, Gold and Oil'.
 David has written two memoirs: Left Field (2016) and his recently published  My World Café.
Each chapter is themed around the history of food and reminiscences of meals with their recipes.
It is wonderfully illustrated by  Laura Davis. 

"Lovely stuff from the author’s swag-bag: traveller’s tales and gorgeous drawings plus liver and bacon. What more could anyone want."   Elisabeth Luard

You can buy 'My World Café' At Bookmarks Bookshop or from Riversmeet Productions

                                       (c) Lisa Dickson