Tuesday 4 June 2024

Private Passions


I am presently in Spain helping Anne Aylor with her 14th Novel Writing course 

As always it is a wonderful experience to be able to act as her ‘administrator’. This involves me with very a little work, lots of great food thanks to chef Lee Pennington and the chance to meet and talk with lovely people and great writers. 

This year one of the participants is Dorothy Byrne who was a recent guest of the BBC on Michael Berkeley 'Private Passions’. I’d like to give the show a plug, not only because it is very interesting and includes her excellent music choices, but also because I owe Dorothy a debt of gratitude. Thanks to her I was able to expose the wrongdoings in the charity I co-founded over 20 years ago and, more recently, she and Gráinne Palmer helped me through illness and operations. And you are right Dorothy about the composer Amy Beach. She ran into her freedom with spirit and joy. I love the title she gave this composition.