Friday 15 May 2015

Brian Eno and Bosnia

I have blogged about Brian Eno and his backing for Reg Keys ten years ago in the 2005 election. This was when I was working at Stop the War. But my association with him goes back a further ten years when he was a leading supporter of War Child. Remember the Help album? Brian was also instrumental with his wife, Anthea, in the decision to build the Pavarotti Music Centre in Mostar, Bosnia. He then supported me when I was sacked for whistleblowing. He has said this about Left Field (to be published in Feb 2016): “This is an excellent and inspiring book. David is an adventurer and a free-thinker who, despite the best efforts of an education designed to equip him for obedient anonymity, somehow did something truly useful with his life. His stubborn and yet self-effacing commitment to his ideals carried him through many daunting situations ...” Here is a recent interview he did with me.

Photo: Brian Eno with child at a music workshop in Mostar (1998)

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