Sunday 19 July 2015

Protecting the Public

A government report recently released by the Ministry of Defence reveals that from 1940 to 1979 large parts of the UK were used as a laboratory to conduct germ warfare tests. A spokeswoman for the MoD has said: 'Independent reports by eminent scientists have shown there was no danger to public health from these releases which were carried out to protect the public … The results from these trials will save lives, should the country or our forces face an attack by chemical and biological weapons.' Well that's alright then. In one chapter, 'Large Area Coverage Trials', the MoD describes how between 1961 and 1968 more than a million people along the south coast of England were exposed to bacteria including e.coli and bacillus globigii , which mimics anthrax. These releases came from the 'Icewhale', a Royal Navy ship anchored off the Dorset coast. Another chapter, 'The Fluorescent Particle Trials', reveals how planes flew from north-east England to the tip of Cornwall, dropping huge amounts of zinc cadmium sulphide. David Orman, an army officer from Bournemouth, is demanding a public inquiry. His wife was born in East Lulworth in Dorset, close to where the 'Icewhale' trials took place. She had a miscarriage, then gave birth to a son with cerebral palsy. Janette's three sisters, also born in the village while the tests were being carried out, have also given birth to children with unexplained problems, as have a number of their neighbours. Orman said: 'I am convinced something terrible has happened … to have so many birth defects over such a short space of time has to be more than coincidence.' I went to school in Dorset and we used to go on cadet force exercises on the cliffs above Lulworth. Often we would look out to sea at navy ships and told that they were protecting us from our enemies. I was already a member of CND and didn't believe a word of this, but even I had no idea that we were under attack from our own government. You can read more about my days as a pimple-faced commando in 'Left Field'.

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