Saturday 10 October 2015

Toilet humour

Jeremy Corbyn is 'standing up the Queen', 'won't kiss her hand', 'refuses to kneel', 'didn't sing her song'. All archaic bollocks. The language itself is feudal. 'Privy' council is taken from the time when the monarch held meetings while he/she was having a shit. 'Cabinet meetings' were also held in the toilet. Maybe they still are. That long table may have been photoshopped. As co-founder of War Child I was once invited to have tea with the Queen. I wouldn't go and, as I was the lone republican in the charity, someone took my place. They returned to the office shocked and had moved slightly closer to my republicanism because, at that time, War Child was running a bakery in war-torn Bosnia. When told about this Phillip commented, 'I bet they steal the bread'. Then when the head of our medical projects said we also supplied insulin to diabetic children, he jumped in with, 'I bet they steal that too'. According to The Republic the annual cost of the Monarchy is £334 million. The feast that feeds off the people. 'Left Field', which covers my War Child years, has no references to the Queen. I promise.

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