Saturday 18 November 2017

Left Field comments: From Stoppard to Livingstone

SIR TOM STOPPARD: “David Wilson has lived a life and a half. The broken world needed people like David; it still does.”

BRIAN ENO: “This is an excellent and inspiring book.”

KEN LIVINGSTONE: David Shows us how political activism on the Left should be: engaged, informed and passionate.

CRAIG MURRAY: (Ex-UK ambassador)  “David's entire life has been dedicated to trying to make the world a better place.”



DOROTHY BYRNE: (Head of News & Current Affairs, Channel 4 TV) “What a life this man has led.”

AMIR AMIRANI: (Director of We Are Many) “This memoir of a very colourful life is both entertaining and illuminating.”





“Sometimes funny, often moving and occasionally tragic .. one of my top recent reads"

Walter Wolfgang: (Vice President of Labour CND)"Left Field illuminates the problems facing those committed to achieving a just & peaceful world.”


Haifa Zangana: (Iraqi novelist, poet and activist) “A memoir where the personal is entwined with activism and woven into a poetic multi-coloured tapestry.” 

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