Friday 22 February 2019

No Pasaran and my cat

I rarely publish stories about my own life - not even photos of our cat. But these are exceptional times, so here is our tuxedo cat alongside information about the No Pasaran conference on 2 March. I give thanks to him for helping me through recent and serious illnesses - brain and heart operations and subsequent life-threatening infection. I owe this gratitude to him and my wife, Anne Aylor, both of whom got me through all this. Bless his little sick self - he is diabetic and has a heart murmur and I must admit that, like many of our politicians, irrelevant to the politics we need to engage with today. He has the redeeming characteristic that he doesn’t tell lies. By contrast take Ian Austin MP who left the Labour Party, citing its ‘culture of extremism and antisemitism’. Now I must add Ian Austin to my thank-you list. His attacks on the Labour Party have incensed me so much that I have agreed to help out with the press and media work for the upcoming ‘No Pasaran’ conference in London. And this decision has made me feel better and stronger. I am able to direct my ailing energies into a positive political direction. An added bonus is that I find myself working alongside many other socialists and Labour Party members in a fight against racism and antisemitism. One of the conference speakers will be Cornelia Hildebrandt from the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Germany. How right Rosa was when she said, “Being human means throwing your whole life on the scales of destiny when need be, all the while rejoicing in every sunny day and every beautiful cloud.” I hope you will join me there.

No Pasaran conference

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