Friday 8 November 2019

Health rats

I was shocked to find out from my GP office that very few patients take the trouble to praise the services offered there. It is vital that we all support the NHS whenever we need the health system – and even when we don’t. In recent years I have had two major operations, (brain and heart surgery), after-stroke treatment, three ‘minor’ procedures, numerous ambulance trips and an eight-week ‘on-drip’ drugs hospital stay. And of course GP visits. In the USA that amounts to a total cost of $250,000 at the lowest estimate. And that is without pharmaceutical costs which in my case are ongoing. Boris Johnson is already talking with US pharmaceuticals to move the UK to a private health system and much of the NHS is already under the greedy grips of the privateers. There have been six formal discussions between UK and US trade officials, Channel 4 Dispatches informed us, and representatives form American drug companies have been given direct access to British officials in five meetings. No prizes for guessing how I am voting in the upcoming election. It will be for the only party totally committed to a publicly-funded health service. JC4PM. And you?

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