Monday 21 October 2019

Open Your Eyes


“If I were a voter in Britain, I would vote for Jeremy Corbyn. If he had a fair treatment from the media – that would make a big difference.” NOAM CHOMSKY

Since that is not going to happen, it is up to the rest of us to make that difference. The December 12 election is the most important one in my life. Perhaps I should add in my conscious political life because I was alive when Clement Atlee was elected in 1945, but was too busy soiling my nappies. That Labour government radically changed politics in this country. It rejected the callous Depression-era policies of the 30s and passed the National Health Service Act, providing free universal healthcare and the National Insurance Act which gave sickness, unemployment benefits and pensions.

We are faced with a similar choice to 1945. Will this country continue tolerating the austerity policies whose benefits have  helped the few or change direction to help the many?

Over coffee his morning I read the latest news from a non-MSM website which I recommend to my readers. The Canary runs an article on an organisation called ‘Faith’.

Funded to the sum of £8.8 million by the Home Office, (your and my money), they promote BSBT – 'Building a Stronger Britain Together'. Sounds innocuous and positive doesn’t it? But they specialise in promoting anti-Corbyn messages, mostly about his falsely-accused anti-semitism. They are liars when they say he has sympathy for Syria’s Basher Al Asad, supports governments that violate human rights, allege that he is a ‘security threat’ and that he 'has linked up with groups who have a very poor record of relationships with communal Jewish organisations.'

Back to The Canary's reporting. which tells us that in 1987, Jeremy Corbyn successfully campaigned to stop property developers taking over a Jewish cemetery. Then he was fighting a Margaret Hodge-led Islingron Council. Yes, that Margaret Hodge who smears Corbyn as an anti-semite. The Council wanted to 'destroy the gravestones and dig-up and rebury bodies' to build for-profit properties.

I am not able to canvas the streets for Labour, but I can cyber canvas. I will continue to post regular blogs on issues which you won’t read about in the Main Stream Media (MSM) in an attempt to disseminate the truth.. 

You will find my articles at Recent ones include "Meeting Ken", "Health Rats", "No More Tweedles", "Brexit Jokers", "Fight for the NHS", many of which have been published on the People's Campaign for Corbyn—thanks to Alice Kilroy—the London Economic and other non-MSM websites.

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