Tuesday 22 October 2019

Why Labour?

I have two reasons to vote Labour - transport and the NHS. Both are personal, but both affect us all. Well apart from the 1% who use helicopters and BUPA hospitals. 

The NHS has kept me alive three times and without it operating (pardon the pun) at its best I would not be writing this now or voting on 12 Dec. 

Trains get me around the country, visiting my friends and getting me to my son's home in Cornwall. 

Yesterday I was travelling from friend in Bath to son in Cornwall. Done it before and straightforward. Bath to Bristol and Bristol to Cornwall. On arrival at Bristol yesterday I was informed that there were no trains to the South West between Bristol and Devon. There were buses and the next one would be in 40 minutes. 

In pouring rain I retreated back into the station. I regularly need to use the toilet, but the toilets were the train side of the ticket barrier which meant negotiating my way there. No complaints with GWR staff. Kind, informative and shoulder-shrugging smiles when I went into "Let's nationalise this lot" mode. 

Yes and let's vote Labour. Your life may depend on it for critical and not-so-critical reasons.

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