Wednesday 12 May 2021

Under cover of covid


In announcing a Covid public public enquiry, Boris Johnson said, “This process will place the state’s actions under the microscope”.

Will the microscope expose the galloping privatisation of the NHS and £billions in corrupt profiteering taking place under the cover of Covid?

A friend of mine posted this shocking statement on the same day as Johnson’s announcement

I despair, I really do. For the past decade I've watched the Tories systematically demolish the services & support available to me to manage a condition that is literally rotting my lungs away. It's the fucking Tories' relentless attack on the NHS that has brought it to it's knees, not fucking Covid 19. I, like hundreds of thousands, if not millions of other British citizens suffering from chronic, incurable conditions will be uninsurable and condemned to die, many of us slowly and in a great deal of pain. And our lying, complicit media are more than happy to just lie down with the dogs, propagate the lies and gaslight the rest of the country.