Monday 3 May 2021

'Left Field' on water



My memoir, Left Field,  is still on sale at Waterstones and other bookshops and available as an ebook and audible. And now online for free. But I am very happy to see it on sale at ‘Word on the Water’, the 100 year old Dutch barge on the Regent’s Canal close by King’s Place.

"Word on the Water is kind of charming. I think a lot of people see this place as a kind of secular church. Less than 50% of people in the UK profess a religious belief, but I’ve seen people come here and cry when they walk in. It’s something about bringing people together where there’s music and culture and beautiful words; a place where, for whatever reason, people just quietly agree they’re going to be nice to each other. And people see that in almost holy terms—a place in the heart of London that’s not all about money." Paddy Screech, co-founder Word on the Water


The book barge offer classics, cult, contemporary fiction, a large range of children's books and art and photography, plus some quirky stuff that you would never think to look for but may be very pleased to find. Also a wood-burning stove, poetry slams, readings, book launches and live acoustic music on the roof stage including a free monthly Jazz/Poetry show. Oh and a parrot.




   Word on the Water, York Way, Granary Square, London N1C 4AA