Friday 25 February 2022

The Last Honourable Member


“He (Corbyn) is an apologist for the Putin regime …donors were giving to a political party that stood firm on the rule of law.” Foreign Office Minister, James Cleverly

Twelve years after Jeremy Corbyn sponsored a Parliamentary Motion accusing Putin’s Russia of Corruption and Human Rights abuses and calling for a freeze on Russian assets we have:

£27bn of UK property owned by Russians

£1.5bn of UK property owned by Putin associates

35 Russian companies owning UK properties

37 Tory MPs receiving £3.7m of donations from some of the 2,581 Russian oligarchs given UK golden visas. One of them, Yevgeny Lebedov, is a UK legislator and sits in the House of Lords (He is owner of the Evening Standard, The Independent and London Live TV).

Not far from where I live Putin’s daughter owns the largest house in London.

Meanwhile Sir Keir Starmer’s close advisers include Tony Blair, who championed Putin into power, and Peter Mandelson who has financial dealings with the Russian leader and holidays on Russian tycoon yachts.

The only good news in all this bleakness is to wake up and hear that there have been large anti-war demonstrations across Russia. Not such good news for the anti-war movement here in the UK. Eleven Labour MPs who signed Stop the War’s anti-war pledge withdrew their names after a warning from Starmer.

We must not leave Jeremy Corbyn isolated as the last ‘Honourable Member’.