Monday 28 February 2022

Who is Putin's Parrot?



David Lammy has accused Jeremy Corbyn of ‘parroting Putin'

Four years ago Jeremy launched a programme to tackle Putin’s friends’ tax avoidance and money laundering,. Eight years ago he backed Ukrainian miners in their strikes and ten years ago campaigned against the murder of Russian journalists who had angered Putin.

Meanwhile Lord Peter Mandelson sat on the board of Russian companies and holidayed on oligarch yachts, Rees-Mogg took a stake in Russia's largest bank and the Tories accepted millions from Putin’s friends and allies. 



After Lammy's remarks and after receiving death threats Zarah Sultana MP said: “This McCarthyite environment doesn’t just increase the threat of violence to public figures. It also threatens to weaken our democracy, radically narrowing political debate and silencing dissent to establishment opinion. This is deeply unhealthy for our society and must be challenged.”


You can watch and listen to Putin’s 'parrot' here at 38.18 mins