Wednesday 5 October 2022

A Day in Camden Town


Spent today in Camden checking out venues for the London launch of ‘My World Cafe’. Started at Camden Guitars, Deicola Neves’ guitar shop. He will play for us at the event. 

Difficult to drag myself away from the place. Spoke in Engtalian with musician and guitar-maker maestro, Claudio Menci. 

Then met up for the first time in many years with bass guitar player Alex, from Georgia (not the ‘on my mind’ one). 

Had to check out the new
Wejam studio in the basement, where I met David Tshulak who introduced me to his work. He runs music-making sessions for everyone and anyone, most recently for Down’s Syndrome people. Here you can see his simplified four-string guitar. 

Then onto Brazilian restaurant, Made in Brasil, with Deicola, to check whether their picanha, which features in my book, is as good as I claim. It is.

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