Thursday 28 December 2023

Zionists or Bundists


"What fuels antisemitism is murdering children by the thousands under the banner of the Star of David while insisting that your actions are inseparable from all Jews and the totally of Judaism.” Caitlin Johnstone

Zionists claim that Israel represents world Jewry. That is a lie. It is a political ideology that has represented Western imperialist interests from the start. The founder of Zionism at the end of the 19th century, Theodor Herzl, wrote to Cecil Rhodes, founder of the white settler colony named after him and said, “You are being invited to help make history. It does not involve Africa but a piece of Asia Minor, not Englishmen but Jews … I turn to you … because it is something colonial ..” Chaim Weizmann, who succeeded Herzl added that “Should Palestine fall within the British sphere of influence and should they encourage Jewish settlement … we could develop the country, bring back civilisation and form a very effective guard for the Suez Canal.”

There has always been Jewish opposition to Zionism amongst both religious and secular Jews. The main theological opposition to Zionism stems from the Hasidic community and the smaller Haredi organisation. Secular opposition was first organised as part of the Jewish Bund in Russia and Poland. Today their descendants are at the forefront of Jewish resistance to Zionism and its genocidal policy of ethnically cleansing occupied Palestine of Palestinians. In The USA Jewish Voice for Peace have been at the forefront of actions in support of Gaza and the Palestinians, closing bridges, occupying Congress. snd filling the NYC streets. In the UK Jewish Voice for Labour and Jews for Justice for Palestinians have been joined on demonstrations by the recently formed Black Jewish Alliance.

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