Wednesday 10 January 2024

Message from the Gaza Music School

As first director of the Pavarotti Music Centre in Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina, I have received an update about the Gaza Music School.

"After three months, Khamis Abushaban, Administrative Assistant of the ESNCM branch in Gaza and a guitarist, finally reached it. Located at the Red Crescent Society emergency services building, Khamis discovered the door bombed open, with more than half of the structure burnt and heavily damaged. Musical instruments, equipment, and teaching tools were either burnt or damaged. 

These instruments and rooms had brought joy to countless boys, girls, families, and the wider community in Gaza. The impact of all this remains etched in their hearts and minds. The sole grand piano in Gaza survives, serving as a witness to this destruction and eagerly awaiting the chance to be played again.

We are committed to continuing to enrich people's lives through music."

Sima Khoury Odeh

Executive Director

Edward Said National Conservatory of Music