Monday 9 December 2019

Last Chance Election

We are now two days away from the election. I know I have said this before but I will say it again. In my seven decades this is the most important general election since my first. That was in 1945 with the election of the Atlee Labour government which saw the setting up of the NHS. 

In that election my only voice was as a wailing baby. My only actions at the other end of my body. For the first time in my life I am actively involved in what has become a vital struggle to return this country to a semblance of civilisation. We are not talking about a social revolution, but the attempt by a Corbyn-led Labour Party to place the UK alongside the social and economic policies of the Scandinavian countries. 


This election is not about Brexit. It is not about the idiocy of Boris Johnson. It is quite literally about life and death. I am alive today because the NHS has been there to save me. Please watch this short video and read ’Nail Your Flag to the Mast’. Then join me on Thursday and Vote for a Labour government. It is the ‘last chance’ election. 



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