Thursday 5 December 2019

Nail Your Flag to the Mast


ENEMY OF THE STATE Boris Johnson warns voters Jeremy Corbyn is a national security risk who will bow down to Britain’s enemies. THE SUN 

BRITONS FURIOUS at Corbyn’s OAP tax attack. “Stick Your Hikes where the Sun Don’t Shine.” DAILY EXPRESS 

JEREMY CORBYN FORCED to deny he wants to get rid of MI5 after Boris Johnson called him a security risk. THE DAILY MAIL 

JEREMY CORBYN IS ASHAMED OF BRITAIN. He’d leave our defences in the hands of a chaotic committee. THE DAILY TELEGRAPH 


All four headlines from one day, 2 December 2019. If the billionaire Press have persuaded you to believe and act on these words all our futures will be very bleak. Fortunately we are now able to communicate with each other on social media and scrape away the frost from the corporate media window.  


I have met many politicians over my seven decades, but have never empathised with any of them, never joined their parties or knocked on doors for them. Until now. In next week’s election we have a manifesto worth fighting for. 


I have personal reasons for this. First of all the experiences of my son when faced with cuts to his disability benefits. See here, here and here and my own health crises and direct experience of the need for our free NHS. See herehere  and here 


If Brexit is the most important issue for you, above and beyond child poverty, foodbanks, the rise in homelessness, zero-hours contracts, low pay and low pensions, social benefit cuts, climate extinction, the NHS, peace not war, anti-racism….add your own list here, then read this 


Finally the massive lie that is being used to persuade us that we should not elect a Corbyn-led Labour government. - that he is a racist and anti-semite. If he is then so was Albert Einstein. Read here,  here,  here and  here 


Six months ago I wrote that we are on a winning run. Today it seems the bookies agree with me.No more Tweedle Dees and Tweedle Dums. On 12 December the choice is stark and will decide all our futures 


None of us struggle alone or without support. Although I blog on my own website,  I have been published by The London Economic, The Peoples News, Stop the War, International Times and regularly by The Peoples Campaign for Corbyn; run defiantly and with a commitment few of us could manage, by banner maker Alice Kilroy.


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  1. Dear Jeremy, you and your friend John McDonnell will go down in History as the heroic Champions of the People you served with integrity that this cruel world is earnestly seeking.

    In a gentle way, you can shake the world - Mahatma Gandhi

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