Monday 30 December 2019

Let's Dance

Where to start? Let it be with something / someone optimistic. How about Jeremy Corbyn? In recent days I have helped promote a letter in his support. Now signed by thousands and headed by Ken Loach, Brian Eno, Grime 4 Corbyn, Nigel Kennedy, Alexei Sayle, AL Kennedy, Michael Rosen and Francesca Martinez. 


My more recent blog on the knighthood for Iain Duncan-Smith sits at the other extreme. Someone deeply scarred by life and intent on scarring everyone else.


Maybe you shrug your shoulders about the recent general election and will tell me ‘that’s democracy’, ‘They won we lost’. If in Russia the administration for elections was organised by Putin’s cronies, I am damn sure our media would be screaming - ‘Corruption’. So why the silence when that is the case here?


The power of our ‘Free Press’ has played an important role in deciding when to scream and when to remain silent.


Of course we must not forget the repeated scream that Jeremy Corbyn is anti-semitic. But hey 5,000 Nazis in the form of Britain First have now joined the Tory Party and in the USA a campaign has been lifted from the UK election casebook with attacks on Bernie Sanders, a Jew, as being anti-Jewish.


But we must not forget that the election was about Brexit. Was it?


It should have been about the privatisation of the NHS


So a penultimate shout-out for Jeremy Corbyn.


And don’t despair - glance across the Channel at those ballet dancers.


and let's dance.

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