Monday, 16 March 2020

Boris Johnson's Cardinal Richelieu




William Hannage, Professor of Epidemiology at Harvard University, says of the UK, “Your house is on fire, and the people whom you have trusted with your care are not trying to put it out ….the UK government has inexplicably chosen to encourage the flames, in the misguided notion that somehow they will be able to control them. I assumed that reports of the UK policy (on Coronavirus) were satire – an example of the wry humour for which the country is famed. But they are all too real.”


This fire is taking place while the Cardinal Richelieu of the Boris Johnson regime, Dominic Cummings, sits at the centre of government policy.


Cummings wrote in a blog in 2016 that he is 'particularly interested in public health and the field of epidemiology … It is already the case that farmers use genomes to make predictions about cows’ properties and behaviour … It is already the case that in vitro fertilisation can select the egg which will be most advantageous with the highest prediction for IQ.’


These are the thoughts and words of Boris Johnson’s senior adviser.


They say judge a man by his friends. Cummings had Andrew Sabisky appointed as his subordinate. A step too far when it emerged that he had made comments in support of eugenics, and the relative intellects of black and white Americans.. He resigned.


But Cummings admits to a strong continuing friendship with Stephen Hsu, a theoretical physicist who is currently searching for an intelligence gene. Even though mainstream science has pretty much scrapped the notion that race has any kind of biological basis long ago, that hasn’t stopped Hsu from trying to link intelligence with race.


So Cummings, Sabisky, Hsu and we must assume Boris Johnson, are eugenicists, believing in the practice of selection of ‘desirable’ traits for the ‘improvement’ of humans.


And today their beliefs lie behind the “Herd’ policy of allowing the Coronavirus to take its course and thereby dictating the outcome of your and my fate.


Anthony Costello, Professor of International Child Health and Director of the University College London Institute for Global Health, questioned the tactics behind the ‘Herd’ policy and argues they are against the policy set down by WHO. He tweeted a series of questions showing scepticism, including: 'Will it impair efforts to restrict the immediate epidemic, and cause more infections and deaths in the near term?' He also questioned whether coronavirus causes strong herd immunity or 'is it more like flu where new strains emerge each year needing repeat vaccines?'

We like to criticise China as a totalitarian regime, but there
the epidemic has been contained after seven weeks of intense national effort, and by NOT following the ‘Herd Eugenicists’.


I am not happy with Cummings and his friends having any say in my possible mortality. Are you?

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