Thursday, 5 March 2020

protect against coronavirus? Be rich


This is what our political leaders tell us about Coronavirus. They are not exactly of one mind on this one, let alone in their minds!

Boris Johnson … "the worst public health crisis for a generation … I must level with you, the British public. Many more families are going to lose their loved ones before their time … because of a lack of immunity, the coronavirus is more dangerous than ordinary flu and it is going to spread further”.

Donald Trump … “I don’t think it’s gonna spread, I think it probably will, it possibly will. We’ll have to see. It might spread a little, it might be a lot, I really think it won’t … Ebola makes you dissolve, but this is like the flu and did you know that thousands of people die every year from the flu? I bet you didn’t know that, but we’re ready,”

These two are talking gobbledeegook, but who cares, Coronavirus is like austerity … it's for the many not the few.


This is what they do to protect themselves.


Lanserhof, a private medical facility in London’s Mayfair, has seen an 18% jump in the number of inquiries for its Immune Plus Support Infusion. A ‘tailor-made' infusion starts at £400 a session, but it does contain a high dose of Vitamin C, as well as "immune-boosting amino acids and also Zinc which plays a crucial role in our immune system functioning well." Lanserhof says a healthy immune system is the best weapon to fight off any kind of virus, "be that flu, COVID-19 or simply a cold.”


Meanwhile Club 51, a private gym-come-health club just north of Mayfair in Marylebone, have produced a report for their clients on things to do that gives protection against viruses in general.


These programmes are focused on boosting the body's immune system and are bespoke to each client, combining diet, sleep, exercise with supplements like nootropics. Nothing so vulgar as a price list on their website, but you can enquire about this at

Oh and travel worries? Wealth Management inform their readers that private jet companies report a surge in business since the Coronavirus outbreak. Check-in at private jet terminals and avoid the circulated air of commercial airliners. The safest option. Of course.

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