Saturday 5 December 2020

The Persecution of a Decent Man


"The persecution of a decent man". Len McCluskey on Jeremy Corbyn’s treatment by Sir Keir Starmer

Starmer has set out to expel the Left from the Labour Party, with a witchhunt that involves removing Jeremy Corbyn as a Labour MP, closing down constituency parties (CLPs), who are no longer allowed to mention Jeremy’s name, imposing his choice of NEC Chair, insisting the Young Labour Chair retract her statement in support of Corbyn and expelling Jewish members who dare express solidarity with Palestine. 


His background as Director of Public Prosecutions must have helped. He was head of the DPP when the decision was made not to prosecute Jimmy Saville on the grounds of “insufficient evidence”. He opposed the prosecution of Jean-Charles de Menezes' police killers and fast-tracked the extradition of Julian Assange. 


Anyone else remember Starmer’s words to the Swedish legal authorities when they wanted to close the case against Assange? - ‘Don’t you dare get cold feet’.