Sunday 10 January 2021

"State corruption on a grand scale"




“The public and private worlds are inseparably connected ... the tyrannies and servilities of one are the tyrannies and servilities of the other.”
―Virginia Woolf

I find myself today, after operations and stroke, hunkered down at home and surviving, nervously dependent on an embattled health service.

The result is that my blogs for the People’s Campaign for Jeremy Corbyn have been almost entirely concentrated on defense of, and support for, the NHS. They are attacks against political tyranny.

That tyranny is led by a government that is totally corrupt. Our lives are increasingly threatened, not as some would argue by incompetence and laziness, but by deliberate acts of profiteering.

In the health service there are brave whistleblowers. Here is ICU nurse, Ameera Sheikh, who told the Press Association: “Some of my colleagues are so burnt out that they can’t eat … Now we’re seeing a massive surge, being in the second wave, and it’s worse than the first wave … In our ICU usually all our patients have a bed in their own room, so it’s just one bed in one room … But sometimes you’re seeing two beds in one room and you’re seeing a bed in between where two beds are… which then makes it a tighter squeeze … Usually the nursing to patient ratio is one to one, but you’re seeing one to two, one to three, one to four … After all these months some of my colleagues are still wearing expired FFP3 masks … A lot of them still haven’t been given the appropriate PPE-wear.”

The Lancet Editor, Richard Horton, commented in a recent tweet, “The United Kingdom is an embarrassment in its response to COVID-19. Without a plan for renewal, for investment in addressing inequalities, the vaccine roll-out will fail. Inequality is the central issue in COVID-19.”

Meanwhile The Lancet’s sister journal, the BMJ, ran a recent editorial that declared, “The coronavirus pandemic has unleashed state corruption on a grand scale that is harmful to public health.”

Like me, you may be sitting at home in anger and frustration, but you are not defenceless. On Sunday, 17 January, you can join me at the launch of the Project for Peace and Justice whose aim is, “To bring people together for social and economic justice, peace, and human rights, in Britain and across the world.”

I leave you with these words from Howard Zinn: “small acts when multiplied by millions can change the world.”

Late news; Barts is where I had my heart operation and post-stroke care, They were and are wonderful. I accuse this government of being accessories to murder....