Wednesday 25 November 2020

Covid-19 is a place in the country


"Tory Steve Dechan’s £276m in PPE contracts lands him a place in the country." THE TIMES


P14 Medical, a loss-making company run by former Tory Councillor, Steve Dechan, ‘won’ a £156 million Covid contract to supply PPE gowns imported from China.


Neither this contract, nor an earlier one for £120 million to supply face shields, was put out to tender and neither contract was publicised within the statutory time limit of 30 days from award. The gowns business was kept out of the public record for four months. 


But the good news doesn’t end there as Dechan has been able to pay off his 2019 £500,000 loss and buy himself this 100 acre 17th century Cotswolds mansion. 


This reeks of the Chumocracy I have written about before.