Saturday 6 October 2018

Here Comes The Sun

I hope that my 'Barts blogs' are a small insight into life as a patient in hospital and into the state of our NHS today. I am trying to avoid writing about my own condition, but hope you will excuse this lapse. It is because I want to talk once again about the importance of music in our lives. My stroke has meant that I am unable to play Deicola Neves guitar that sits sadly by my bedside. Damage to my left hand means that I can't grip the strings to make the chords and individual notes. If I was a professional musician this would be a catastrophe, but for me it is just sad. I came to the guitar late in life, even after spending much of my working life with music and musicians. Firstly with War Child and then at the Pavarotti Music Centre. I was enjoying being the oldest student of Deicola Neves and Dil Sandhu. They and all those at Camden Guitars have become my London Pavarotti Centre. So I will return there, will take more classes, will treat my guitar as central to my recovery. Will, hopefully before long, once again start each day with Autumn Leaves and Here Comes the Sun. Enjoy.

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