Monday 1 October 2018

Where are the spoons

Food services at Barts hospital have been privatised out to Serco. (company logo "We Care'). W
ith an annual turnover of £3 billion, “Serco specialise in the delivery of essential public services, with over 50,000 people working in defence, transport, justice, immigration, healthcare and other citizen services across our four regions:'
Love the idea that the military is listed alongside healthcare and 'other citizen services'.
Also nice to know that the inmates of Wormwood Scrubs receive the same food services as we get in this hospital. I wonder if they have the same problem – a shortage of small spoons. In the Scrubs they may be being put to use tunnelling their escapes and probably don't ask why there is a shortage. There was no answer to me when I asked this question.
For the third day my tea and small yoghurt had no small spoon, but the kind Serco employee eventually found one for me.
I haven't yet summoned up the courage to ask her what are her wages. Watch this space.  And here's some music which has nothing to do with the above - Rachid Taha

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  1. Ha ha, your life for a spoon....good undercover work comrade xx