Tuesday 3 November 2020

A Corbyn acolyte - What a mug



“The former Labour leader was the victim of a carefully planned and brutally executed political assassination.” Conservative commentator Peter Oborne, who joins me in the Jeremy Corbyn cult.

Writing in The Observer on 1 November 2020 Andrew Rawnsley made these observations.

Jeremy Corbyn’s favourite role is that of the victim ... He presided over an antisemitism scandal unprecedented in the party’s history … He is refusing to accept the damning findings of the equality and Human Rights Commission investigation … Contrary to the narrative being promoted by Mr Corbyn and those still attached to his cult, the former Labour leader is not a martyr to his convictions … This is about whether or not the Labour Party should be a haven for racists and why it did become a magnet for antisemitic bullies and abusers when Mr Corbyn and his acolytes had charge of the party.”

As someone attached to Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘cult’ I wish Andrew Rawnsley had warned me much earlier about the true nature of Jeremy Corbyn. I had not realised that, as his ‘acolytes’, we were ‘racists and antisemitic bullies.’ For the last sixty years I have been under the misapprehension that racists and antisemites were part and parcel of right, not left-wing, politics. Thank you Andrew for, albeit late in the day for me, correcting my political naivety. What a mug I have been, so here is a pre-Corbyn Labour Party mug. I do hope the families queueing up at Islington food bank will tell Jeremy to stop being a martyr to his convictions.