Sunday 1 November 2020

Our very own Camorra




Mafia-exposing lawyer, Roberto Saviano, who has been under police protection since exposing the activities of Naples crime syndicate, the Camorra, has said, “If I asked you what is the most corrupt place on Earth you might tell me it’s Afghanistan, maybe Greece, Nigeria, the South of Italy, and I will tell you it’s the UK.”

I have written before about the £12 billion contracts awarded for PPE, ‘track and trace’ and other Covid-related projects. Most to companies with no connection to the NHS, medical or health services. Many to insolvent companies and / or Tory party donors. Some even with personal and family connections to government.

This has been taking place at the same time as the government has denied free school meals for hungry childen and after years of social security cuts and the longest peacetime pay squeeze in centuries.

In order of monetary value, here are just some of the awards, handed out without tender and with no penalty clauses ...

Serco, Defence, justice, transport, detention centres, £1 billion

Ayanda Capital, investment strategy, £252 million

Unispace, interior design, £239.6 million

Uniserve, trade management, £186 million

P14 Medical, medical instruments, £156.29 million

Randox Health, private heath company, £133 million

Pestfix, rodent and pest control, £110 million

Clandeboyes Agencies, confectionary products,  £108 million

Crisp Websites, website designers with £18K in the bank,  £108 million

Cargo Services, transport and shipping, £106.7 million

Globus, sanitary products, £93.7 million

Ventures Ltd, insolvent company,  £49 million

TAEG Energy, no recorded infomation,  £43.8 million

* When ssked by The Comet why there seems to be no recorded information on company activities, were told,“We’re quite a diverse company, of the four of us working at the company, we’ve all done various different things over the years."

Tower Supplies, safety equipment, £40.4 million

Medicine Box Ltd, pharmacists, £40 million

SG Recruitment, healthcare recruitment, £23.89 million

Kau Media, digital marketing,  £19.5 million

Aventis Solution, recruitment company, £18.5 million

Topham Guerin, creative and digital agency,  £3 million

Faculty, technology company, £3 million

Public First, PR company, £1 million

Hanbury Strategy, Communications company, £900,000

Political opposition is needed to stop this rampant corruption, but Keir Starmer’s Labour are focussed on getting rid of those who would have acted against our home-grown Camorra. 


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