Friday 4 March 2022

Billionaires are killing us - literally



Perhaps the attention now being given to Russian oligarchs will direct us to the damaging effect billionaires have on our world today. Here is a list of the ten richest men in the world taken from Forbes magazine.

Ѕtеvе Ваllmеr: ($61.6 b), former CEO of Microsoft

Lаrrу Еllіѕоn: ($63.9 b), co-founder Oracle

Ѕеrgеу Вrіn аnd Lаrrу Раgе: ($68 b $67 b), founders of Google

Саrlоѕ Ѕlіm Неlu: ($72 b), with 40% holdings in Mexico Stock Exchange

Аmаnсіо Оrtеgа: ($81 b), owner of fashion label Zara

Маrk Zuсkеrbеrg: ($84 b), founder of Facebook

Wаrrеn Вuffеtt: ($102 b), CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

Віll Gаtеѕ: ($106 b), Microsoft founder

Веrnаrd Аrnаult: ($107 b), Chairman of LVМН, mаnufасturеr оf luхurу gооdѕ

Јеff Веzоѕ: ($140 b), founder of Amazon

Here are the ten richest Russians who, you will notice, are poverty-stricken by comparison to the list above.

Alisher Usmanov (19.5 b), investor in Facebook and Chinese electronics company company, Xiomi

Suleiman Kerimov ($15.8 b), owner of distressed companies and gold producer, Polyus

Pavel Durov (7.2 b), creaor app Telegram

Andrey Melinchenko (17.9 b), owner of fertilizer company Eurochem and coal company Surek

Gennady Timchenko ($22 b), gas producer Novatek and petrol company Sibur

Leonid Michelson, ($24.2 b), gas producer Novatek and petrol company, Sibur

Vagit Alexperov ($24.9 b)m founder of Lukoil

Vladimir Lisin ($26.2 b), majority shareholder in Novolipetsk Steel

Vladimit Potamin ($27 b), organiser of private takeover of state companies

Alexey Mordasov ($29.1 b), CEO steel company Seversta

Craig Murray former UK ambassador states that.  “Usmanov is the UK’s wealthiest man ...Through New Labour and the Tories Putin’s right-hand man has always had the special protection of the British state. I have never understood why …. Usmanov helped Putin suppress Russia’s free media through compulsory purchase …. I sent a classified report on his criminal activities from Tashkent”.

Robert Reich, economist and former US Secretary of Labour has commented recently, “When I graduated in 1968 the typical corporate CEO got twenty times the pay of the average worker. When I became Labour Secretary in 1993 the ratio was 61-to-1. Today it’s 320-to-1. Capitalism is off the rails.”

Boris Johnson has spent six holidays at this Tuscan villa as the guest of Russian billionaire, Eugeny Lebedev. Just one reason why Usmanov and other Russian oligarchs have been given eighteen months to move their ‘sanctioned’ monies.

I would recommend reading this from Craig Murray. He has moved from being brave whistleblowing diplomat to articulate investigative journalist.