Sunday 20 March 2022

Oligarchs and Fascists


Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy has suspended eleven opposition parties, using the same ratonale Putin invokes – they’re subversive with ties to our foreign enemies. 

They are mostly left-wing or representing the 30% of Russian-speaking Ukrainians. The largest one, Opposition Platform, aren't a small party - they polled around 10% at the last free election.

After an earlier ban on three TV stations the head of the Ukrainian Union of Journalists, Nikolay Tomilenko said , “The deprivation of access to Ukrainian media for an audience of millions without a court order is an attack on freedom of expression.”

We hear a lot about Russian oligarchs, but very little about Ukraine’s, one of whom is Zelenskyy himself. With houses in London and Washington he has funnelled his $millions through the British Virgin Islands. Whichever way this war goes he’ll be OK. Here is an article from The Guardian.

The President ended his speech banning the parties with these words. “Glory to all our heroes”. These ‘heroes’ include actual Nazis who have become a part of state institutions, particularly in the military. 

A friend recently said they were fed up with hearing about these Nazis. Me too. We need an oligarch and Nazi-free world before it’s too late. This is why