Thursday, 30 April 2015

Boom Boom

I have blogged before about my love for the Blues singers I watched perform over 50 years ago. I saw John Lee Hooker sing 'Boom Boom' in London in 1960, the year this was recorded. He was at the forefront of the electric guitar adaption of the Delta Blues. But I have an admission to make. I bought Johnny Tillotson's 'Poetry in Motion' in the same year. My excuse was that I had fallen in love with Jenny, the salesgirl in the local record shop. She had brush curls, a pink hairband and wore pleated, fluffed-out dresses you may remember from early Elvis Presley movies. All tight belts and lots of buttons. She loved Pat Boone. She tried to get me to buy 'April Love', but 'Poetry in Motion' was as far as I would go with this music. Boone was, like Tillotson, from Jacksonville, Florida. But it's Clarksdale Mississippi for me. Hooker for ever. Here are two more 1960's recording for you. Enjoy. There's a lot more about music in Left Field