Saturday 18 April 2015

Bridge of Bosnian Blues

If you watch 'The Bridge of Bosnian Blues", you will understand why Mostar has been so important in my life. Then take it further by reading “Left Field”.

“Music is that little bottle in which you put all your emotions” … “They were unable to kill our songs” … “The war profiteers know what they fought for. I fought with the violin and songs. They were my machine gun and pistol” … “I'm lucky to be in a mixed marriage so we celebrate everything. We do Eid, Christmas, Easter.” ... “Pah, I'm fed up with all the holy days – I'd rather skip them all.” … “This bag of shrapnel is from my shelled flat. They are the reasons why I left. I have to know the reasons why I left. Probably they (on the other side) have the same things”

Dedicated to Mostar Sevdah Reunion: Ilijaz Delić, Mustafa Šantić, Sandi Durakovic, Miso Petrovic, Neđo Kovačević, Sead Avdić, Liljana Buttler, Dragi Šestić and Snail Records. And in addition Oharn Maslo (Oha) + Masa & Teo Krilic + Sanja

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