Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Anger over labour's Leaked Document

Yesterday I published excerpts from Labour’s leaked document on Facebook,  Party HQ full of hatred for Jeremy Corbyn, racist diatribes against Diane Abbott, hostility to Labour GE candidates, mysogyny and barely suppressed violence.  

Comments poured in; evidence of considerable anger and frustration among Labour Party members and supporters. 

Here is a summary of the blog with some of the responses.

"The transcripts show that Mr Corbyn’s economic adviser Ali Moussavi said of Mr Corbyn to other senior staff in 2015: ‘We need to finish him’ – Press officer Sarah Brown responded: ‘Hanging and burning does seem like overkill’ – Mr Moussavi said: ‘We can figuratively do that but not literally.’ – After Ms Brown commented ‘you don’t get my joke,’ Mr Moussavi responded, ‘I didn’t think it was a joke.’ – Head of Broadcasting Jo Green said that any Labour MP ‘who nominates Corbyn ‘to widen the debate’ deserves to be taken out and shot’ – Policy communications officer Dan Hogan added that a staff member who “whooped” during Corbyn’s speech ‘should be shot.’ Senior staff member Sarah Mulholland said she hoped that a young Labour member on the left of the party, who it was acknowledged has mental-health issues, ‘dies in a fire.’


- If it wasn’t bad enough to be fighting the Tories and the completely bias press/media, Corbyn had to deal with this inside betrayal!? A public flogging is too good for this lot. Absolutely disgusting!

- All beyond SCUM!!!

- There is no place for such behaviour in a single party. This is unacceptable behaviour whatever your views. New leadership must deal with this. If we start a witch hunt into who leaked the information, it is clear that the new leadership is already rotten. There are behavioural rules for good reason!

- This should have warranted a police investigation. It's only one instance of the attacks on Jeremy

- I hope Starmer will have the balls to get rid of these prats. Unlikely for sure - he’s like a Blair clone.

- Well, I waited for a bit to see how Starmer would behave, but it's crystal clear he's no better than a Blair clone. I am leaving the Labour Party and going to join the Greens. Nye Bevan must be spinning in his grave.

-JC would have been the best prime minister we would have had in years if stupid people hadn’t listened to all the lies about him

-Do they even care about socialist values, they sound even worse that the Tories

- How very fucking dare they if Jeremy went on his own I would never vote Red Tory 

- I hope they all are made to leave the party but they won’t do very sad 

- The only vampires are those who want to kill. Probably jealous of J C's popularity. 

- Nothing will be done .. it just won't ! where do we go from here ? 

- And yet despite that Starmer says we need an investigation. This report was an investigation. So what does he want “an investigation” into “an investigation”. Starmer BS to kick this into the long grass and then bury it! It should be the party’s elected constitutional committee and its representatives, the NEC, that should be dealing with the report not some lackey appointed by Starmer! 

- Vile and shocking. What a horrible bunch of humanity. Is this really what loyal members have been paying our hard earned subs for? Shame on the lot of em. 

- A major resignation by the thousands that joined the party because of Corbyn, would hopefully show them where public opinion is! 

-I assume these people are now suspended and will be disciplined after an enquiry. 

- This needs to be dealt with quickly and decisively or we will no longer be a party 

- And there's no way comments like that can be taken 'out of context'. Exactly what type of investigation is Keir Starmer planning. This is the report. He needs to act on what it reveals. I think this report should make the recent leadership election null and void. 

- Mr Corbyn is bound to have picked up a few enemy's through his years as a peace crusader . All of these people wormed there way into labour to strike blow after blow and finally the last blow broke, whilst he was campaigning the assassin's struck.

- The enemy within is the worst kind and unfortunately within the Labour party there were (are) many Blairites (red tories) which were happily back stabbed JC and undermined his leadership.
The only reason I joined the party was JC and now I do not see where the new leader will take us.

-I've said it many times. It's time for a new Socialist party

- Theres an under current of far right racists in the Party. They infiltrated just before the Blair era. They should have been caught out and thrown out then. No room for Tories outside of the Tory party. JC is the reason why the party was so big.

- Such venom, really? And they are FOR the LP! Feel sick to think these word were uttered by so called intelligent senior Labour Party members!!

- People Leaving will finish the party stay and wait for change otherwise the cons will have a clear run for years

- It is sad that a truly caring and honest man of principle is destroyed by the tories and he red tories in his own party. True socialism is dead.

- If the party hasn't sorted itself out in the period JC was at the helm, what chance it will now. How come these vile people prevail when there are so many good people in the party?

- Labour's a mess. Corbyn should just start his own party and the real social democrats can become members. Leave the party hijackers behind.

- JC - This is devastating. He really never did stand a chance.

- Surely the report needs to be investigated thoroughly by the police and/or the courts - or am disillusioned.

- It stinks they have denied us a good man as our PM and Starmer will just do a coverup, he and his cabinet were part of the back stabbing

- The Labour Party machine is rotten to the core only a new socialist party will do now. if all the socialists left and formed a new party the labour machine would only ne left with the shite right and no fucking money

-I wish JC had expelled the back stabbers in the beginning . He is a really good man I only rejoined because of him. I'm very worried now

- I will never vote Labour again after what they did to Jeremy Corbyn, for me it’s a moral decision.

- Should be sent to prison, this is disgusting!

- If these people aren’t expelled , I’m out .

- Starmer just uses words everything needs investigating when this is over

- This is absolutely appalling heads need to rol- And Corbyn can still hold his head high

- Slagging one to spare another . All as bad as one another . Lots wanted JC to go because hes a nice person . Nice people never liked they are a threat

- They total disgust me in what they done

- The problem is that these people don’t mind us now knowing the truth and they want us to leave. Stay and fight please!

- Very disappointed I’ve left labour

- Is this where my subscription went, paying these people's salaries? 

- So I'm going to need to see some heads to roll if I'm sticking with the party.


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