Saturday, 25 April 2020

Care home murders

"Special adviser” to Boris Johnson, eminent Professor of Eugenics, population control and culling, Dominic Cummings, has been sitting in on SAGE meetings, the scientific group advising the government on the Covid-19 pandemic.

Amongst his academic pronouncements is this - "a child's performance has more to do with genetic makeup than the standard of his or her education." Adding we should “identify the top 2% in IQ and give this 2% a specialist education as per Eton.”

In one sentence the eugenic association of genes with intelligence, intelligence with class, class with worth, and worth with the right to rule.

Unite Against Fascism’s Weyman Bennett said that "These people give a nod and a wink to the politics and ideology that led to the Holocaust,” and went on to say that the 75 years since the enforced end of the genocidal eugenics programme of the Nazis was seemingly not enough to end the conversation for good.

Writing in The Guardian, Dr Anna Down, an Ealing GP talks about the high Covid-19 death rate in West London care homes. “I am really angry about this … One home had 23 deaths, another lost 19, and another 13 ... In two units 50% of residents died in the space of 10 days.” In a normal month, she might expect to lose around 28 people. In the last month she has lost 125.

I have information on a North London care home where the Covid-19 death rate is now at 25%.

Dr Down concludes with this, “From the moment this started we highlighted where the problems were going to be and said we can get on top of this now ...Yet no definitive and timely action was taken across the health and social care system.”

Sadly I think she is wrong. Action was taken. The action that is part and parcel of the Johnson / Cummings pursuit of herd immunity.

The police should attend the next SAGE meeting and make arrests for wilful murder.

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