Friday, 10 April 2020

Take it on the Chin

People like Boris Johnson and Donald Trump don’t realise that their hubris will not keep them free from sickness and death. And when they do get sick some people say, ‘he is just a human being like the rest of us’ and we are no longer allowed our criticism of them.


Boris Johnson told us that we would have to suffer our loved ones ‘dying before their time’ as they took their ‘last gasp’ while the nation ‘took it on the chin’. I don’t want anyone to ’take it on the chin’, not even this awful man. But in or out of hospital he is not ‘just a human being’ but someone who remains responsible and accountable for much suffering.

Today I read that migrants in frontline jobs are not entitled to receive financial help if they get sick. What????

My brain haematoma op was carried out by a Nigerian, my heart surgery by an Egyptian, my nurses were from Manila to Madrid to Manchester. I expect the health workers caring for the PM have similar backgrounds.

I am past words for our so-called 'government'. So, fewer words more contempt.

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